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Creative Bristol wedding photographer?


Landscape Magazine



Unconventional couples who are up for a good time and for spending an hour shooting their wedding portraits, equals the perfect Hacker client.

You would struggle to find a couple that ticked those boxes any better than Rhodri and Non. Non’s bright red silk dress with Rhodri’s dapper blue suit shot against yellow shutters showcased the level of wedding photography that can be achieved when the components all come together.

The couple met on a dating website and chose to get married in the back garden of Non’s family home in Treoes, a small village in the Vale of Glamorgan.

“Shooting these two was so much fun because they were really bubbly together.” Hacker told us. “They didn’t take themselves too seriously which always helps. Another bonus was that Non works for a design agency so works with photographers all the time and understands what is needed to put into a shoot to get the most out of it.”

The couple who live in Bristol, tracked Hacker down through a recommendation from fellow photographer friend – Chris Cooper from ShotAway. Right from the first email Hacker received from Non, where she was “keeping everything crossed he was free to shoot their wedding”, he knew the couple were really into his style and were up for working together with a creative Bristol wedding photographer.

Hacker spoke with Rhodri and Non to find out what they wanted from their wedding photography, then sourced locations where they could capture shots to produce images that were edgy and different.
Fortunately the wedding venue was next to factory units with brightly coloured shutters. Hacker – along with his second shooter Charlie, took the couple away for an hour where they giggled and posed in the August sunshine while Hacker photographed the bright, colourful and dynamic story they will remember their day by.

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