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Colourful & creative wedding photography





There is certainly something to be said when using smoke bombs is to try and keeping well away from the brides veil those things are flammable. Woops!

Halloween 2015. Hacker is preparing to photograph his last wedding of the year and has a feeling hes about to go out with a bang.

When I rocked up at Lisa and Chris wedding there were more tattoos and piercings than on a pirate ship. laughs Halloween colourful & creative Halloween wedding wedding photographer Hacker.

Not surprising as Lisa is a makeup artist and Chris a tattooist. And when the wedding party arrived at Rook Lane Chapel there was no doubt who was rocking the tattoo look the best.

Lisa showed off her incredible collection of body art by wearing a sheer dress with plunging neckline made by Fromes renowned vintage dress designer Donna May Vintage.

Chris complemented with a three piece suit and teddy boy hair, accessorised with an obligatory cigar throughout the reception up the road at Silk Mill Studios.

When youre looking for a colourful & creative wedding photographer have a think about what youre booking them for. advises Hacker. If its to snap away in the background to document the day with half an hour or so thrown in with the couple thats fine, but I dont think Im the photographer for you.

I prefer to work with a couple who get the best value from me and max out my skills of being a professional music and fashion photographer.
And when we said Hacker was going out with a bang at the opening of this article we meant it. Literally.

Inspired by the fashion shoot he photographed at Silk Mill earlier in the year which produced the very photos that brought Hacker to Lisa and Chris attention, he took along smoke bombs to use for the couples photographs.

Being the first time Ive tried this technique at a wedding Ill make a note not to set the bombs off so close to the couple next time. admits Hacker. The orange bombs totally smoked them out and dyed the edge of Lisas veil a very feint orange.

But looking at the end result we reckon Hacker certainly rounded off the years season with a bang.

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