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Alternative wedding photography even in the wet


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That’s the most important skill being a Wales alternative wedding photographer in the UK. You always need four or five options up your sleeve so you can be ready to adapt to whatever the weather throws at you.

Richard’s family have holidayed around Haverfordwest for the last fifty years so know the area – and the owners of Druidstone Hotel well.

As the venue held such special memories for Richard and his wife-to-be Jill’s family, it seemed the obvious choice for their wedding venue, despite living in Derby.

Family and friends made the long trek across to the south west of Wales, to be greeted by Pembrokeshire’s wet and very windy signature weather, which didn’t lift all weekend.

“As I drove across from Bristol the night before, the rain got heavier and heavier.” explains Pembrokeshire wedding photographer Hacker. “Every time I looked at the forecast it got worse, so I spent most of the evening before working out options to make sure the couple would still be able to capture their wedding portrait photography.”

Hacker was due to start shooting the wedding at the ceremony but because of the weather, he met the couple four hours earlier, to talk through the options with them.

“One idea was to push the food forward so we could make the most of the best of the weather (when I say ‘best’ I mean when the rain wasn’t horizontal). The alternative was for the couple to get back in their glad rags the next day and shoot for a couple of hours then.”

As it happened, the weather did improve and incredibly the sunshine even made a short appearance, so Hacker rushed down to the beach to photograph the couple – which seemed unlikely at the start of the day.

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