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Alternative approach to wedding photography


Matthew Wagner



An industrial estate with trucks as the backdrop might not be the first place most wedding photographers take couples for their wedding portraits but then Hacker isn't your average wedding photographer.

Hacker’s alternative approach to wedding photography is what makes his work stand out to couples who are looking for something really unique. The key to capturing wedding photography you’ll be dying to print and plaster all over your walls, is to set aside at least an hour in the wedding day to head off, and have a laugh with your new husband or wife.
Alex and Rob were married at the Moon Raker Hotel in the Wiltshire countryside between Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge.

When Hacker arrived at the venue with second shooter Charlie, he recognised a familiar face. Make-up artist Ellie Hitchins – who Hacker worked with when shooting Roni Size’s first album cover ‘Return to V’, was putting the finishing touches to the bride’s make-up. Alex was then helped into her two piece wedding dress made up of a lace trim top paired with a thick chiffon skirt under which peaked a mini skirt to show off the bride’s chunky silver heels.

“When I met Alex and Rob I knew their contemporary style would work perfectly with what I had in mind for their couple portraits.” Hacker told us.

Before the wedding Hacker and Charlie scoped out some good locations on google street view. They spotted a location near the wedding venue which housed a fleet of white trucks and units covered in black OSB board. Accompanied by the energetic videographers – The Costa Sisters, Hacker took the couple to the location in the afternoon sunshine.

“We obviously didn’t know what the couple would be wearing on the day.” Hacker explains, “But when I saw Alex and Rob’s outfits with a grey and white palette with pops of colour from the flowers, I had a good feeling about this shoot. Their style contrasted perfectly against the clean white lines of the trucks.”

And Hacker told us he even took his life into his own hands: “Whilst shooting their walking shots I had to get Charlie to block the cars so I could walk in the road to get the best angle to shoot the couple. I’ll even cause a head on collision if it means I get the best wedding creative photography for my clients.”

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